How to become a CCAG Artist

Join Clark County Artists Guild

Hi, maybe you heard about the Clark County Artists Guild in Las Vegas.  We are a group of artist who want to become better artists and share our art with the world.  Sometimes, it may be difficult to focus and motivate ourselves due to all the other important events occurring in our daily lives.  I have found that by associating with other artists, we motivate each other.  For example, when I create some new work, I need to get validation from other artists and family members.  Chances are that if these people like what I do, then others will too.  This is where CCAG membership can be valuable.  Here are the basic steps to become a member:

  1. Come to a meeting
  2. Bring 2-3 samples of your art for jurying
  3. Fill out an application, pay dues ($36 / year)
  4. Tells us who you are, and the type of art you like to create.

That’s it!  The value comes from the formal monthly meetings, the art exhibits, discounts at supply stores, your artwork displayed on the CCAG website,  field trips and informal gathering with other artists. 

People who work towards a common goal build friendships and help each other grow.  So come to a meeting and be welcomed by our members!

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