Valentino, Lucille – Painter

Artist's Background Information

This is a question and answer session about the artist.

Tell us about how and when you first started painting?

I have been painting all my life. I loved drawing and painting.

Did you experience start, stop and restart in your painting career?

The only time I was not able to paint is when I owned three stores in the D.C. area. I did design gowns at that time. My college degree is in business and design.

Tell us about the highlights of your career as an artist?

The highlights of my career as a painter was when I was raising four children I was able to teach art at my children’s school. I also was able to take continuing ed classes in oil painting.

What mediums and genres have you tried?  Which ones do you like and which ones are boring?

I have painted in oil, acrylic, and water color. I have also done pencil, charcoal, and pastel. I have also taken lessons in batik painting.

Which mediums and genres are you excited about?

Oil and Water Color.

What inspires you the most?

I get expired by nature, animals, and design.

Who is your favorite artist?

MichaelAngelo. There are so many artist that inspire me.

Tell me about any procrastination habits?

I don’t procrastinate but I have to be in the mood to pain.

How do you get an idea for your artwork?

I get ideas from everything I see. I see a Painting all around me.

What are your thoughts about learning art at this time in your life?

I think we have a lot to learn everyday, not only in  art but in everything.

What makes you happiest about your art?

I am happiest about my art when I am recognized by my peers.

Is there a particular time of day you enjoy painting?

I like to paint in the morning when I am not tired.

Do you listen to music while photographing?  What type of music?  Do you prefer silence?

Sometime I listen to Classical Music while Painting.  I do not prefer silence.

What role does an artist have in society?

An artist, in every venue, is very important in Society, especially in such a troubled world today.

What is the best advice you could give to an aspiring artist?

If you are interested in learning to be an artist, go for it. You may be surprise at what you can go.

What are you trying to communicate with your art?

Since I have traveled all over the world, I like to share what I have seen in other places.

Do you collect anything?

I collect antiques and things from other countries.

What is the last artwork you purchased?

Collectibles from other countries.

What is the most important item in your studio or work area?

Everything I need for Painting.

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