Member Meetings


Meeting Information:

Meetings are held on the dates below at:

West Charleston Library
6301 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146
Time: 6:00 pm – set up
6:15 pm meeting begins
6:30 pm meeting ends

Open and Theme Competition:

Each month a competition is designated as a “challenge theme” or an “open theme”.  The competitions are for members only.

Open Competition – the artist may enter one artwork in any medium.  The artwork will be voted by the members, or judged by a neutral judge where possible for 1st Place, 2nd Place and Honorable Mention.  All mediums will be lumped together.



Challenge Themes – are specific themes.  The artwork must be related to the theme for that month.   There will be 5 categories and winners are voted/judged by category:

  • Painting & Drawing
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Photography & Digital
  • Jewelry 
  • Mixed Media & Other – this is any artwork which is not categorized as glass, paint or photography.  This can include woodworking, textile or mixed media.  In case there is only 1 entry in a given category, the entry will be combined in the “other” category.

The purpose of the competition is to encourage artists to create “new” art.  Only one entry per category allowed and a repeating the same entry is not allowed.  Remember, CCAG is about creating new art!

Select a Year to View Schedule …

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2021:

Tuesday, Jul 20 Summer Fun
Tuesday, Aug 17 Fantasy
Tuesday, Sep 21 The Beach
Tuesday, Oct 19 People
Tuesday, Nov 16 Mountains
December 18 Christmas Party
Tuesday, Jan 18 Snow
Tuesday, Feb 15 Love
Tuesday, Mar 15 Wind
Tuesday, Apr 19 Rain
Tuesday, May 17 Sunset
Tuesday, Jun 21 Starry Night

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2020:

Tuesday, Jan 21              Open Competition
Tuesday, Feb 25             Romance
Tuesday, Mar 24            Open Competition
Tuesday, Apr 14             Rain
Tuesday, May TBD        Open Competition
Tuesday, Jun TBD          Insects
Tuesday, Jul TBD           Open Competition
Tuesday, Aug TBD        Fusion
Tuesday, Sep TBD        Open Competition
Tuesday, Oct TBD        Fantasy
Tuesday, Nov TBD       Open Competition
December TBD            Christmas Party

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2019:

Tuesday, Jan 15              Open Competition
Tuesday, Feb 19             Glowing
Tuesday, Mar 19            Abstract
Tuesday, Apr 16            Open Competition
Tuesday, May 21           Floral
Tuesday, Jun 18             Open Competition
Tuesday, Jul 16              Water
Tuesday, Aug 20           Open Competition
Tuesday, Sep 24           Whimsical
Tuesday, Oct 15            Open Competition
Tuesday, Nov 12           Season
December TBD             Christmas Party

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2018:

Tuesday, Jan 16              Open Competition
Tuesday, Feb 20             Delicate
Tuesday, Mar 20            Surreal
Tuesday, Apr 17            Open Competition
Tuesday, May 15           Eyes
Tuesday, Jun 19             Open Competition
Tuesday, Jul 17              Sparkling
Tuesday, Aug 21           Open Competition
Tuesday, Sep 18           Circular
Tuesday, Oct 16            Open Competition
Monday, Nov 12           Healing
December 15                Christmas Party

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2017:

Tuesday, Jan 24               Tribal
Tuesday, Feb 21              Romance
Tuesday, Mar 21             Transparent
Monday, Apr 17              Collage
Tuesday, May 23            Growth
Tuesday, Jun 20              Seashore
Tuesday, Jul 18               Patriotic
Tuesday, Aug 22            Fire
Tuesday, Sep 19             Spirited
Tuesday, Oct 24             Spooky
**Tuesday, Nov 14        Family
**Total Wines
**Centennial Hills
December TBD              Christmas Party

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2016:

Wednesday, January, 27th New Beginnings  
Wednesday, February 24th Love  
Wednesday, March 30th My Town 5:30 Wine Tasting
Wednesday, April 27th Transformation  
Wednesday, May 25th Bloom  
Wednesday, June 29th Motion  
Wednesday, July 27th Unity  
Wednesday, August 24th Geometric  
Thursday, September 29th Changes  
Wednesday, October 26th Harvest 5:30 Wine Tasting
 Wednesday, November 16th    
December 10th Christmas Party 6:00 to 9:00

CCAG Meeting Dates for 2015:

Wednesday, February 25                    Passion

Monday, March 23                             Youth

Wednesday, April 29                           Spring

Wednesday, May 27                           Showers & Flowers

Wednesday, June TBA                         Water

Wednesday, July 22                            Music

Wednesday, August 26                       Fantasy

Wednesday, September 23                 Aged/Vintage

Wednesday, October 28                     Fall

Wednesday, November TBA               Carnival

December Holiday Party & Grand Prize