Art Events

The Sahara Library Show – Dec 14, 2107 through Feb 5th was a juried show for CCAG artists.  This show was also a competition show with a judge who selected the winners by category:

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Medium Award Artist Title
Oil 1st Helen Reimer Resting Man
  2nd Regina Vinicky The Night Watch
  3rd Yamile Gaez The Market Place


Medium Award Artist Title
Acrylic 1st Del Bennett By the Bay
  2nd Jan Schaeffer Sun City Challenge
  3rd Del Bennett Ciao & Welcome


Medium Award Artist Title
Watercolor 1st Jim Lake Waiting
  2nd Susan Neiry Black-eyed Susan
  3rd Jim Lake Summer Storm


Medium Award Artist Title
Photography 1st Ernesto Chavez Pebbles & Sandstone
  2nd Karen Buford Great Lady
  3rd Dennis Watts The Maple Tree


Medium Award Artist Title
3D/Mixed 1st Regina Vinicky Leopard
  2nd Pat Kuramoto Guitar Heroes
  3rd Cindy Fass Ocean of Copper & Blue




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